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Doppelherz Beauty complex
Doppelherz Doppelherz Beauty complex
  • For healthy nails
  • For healthy hair
  • And for healthy skin
Doppelherz Calciovin Liquid
Doppelherz Doppelherz Calciovin Liquid
  • A great-tasting calcium supplement formulated for children
  • Combines calcium with magnesium and other osteogenic nutrients like vitamin C, zinc, manganese, and of course vitamin D
  • For children above the age of 3 years and adults who prefer liquid forms of calcium
Doppelherz Calcium+D3
Doppelherz Doppelherz Calcium+D3
  • To maintain bones and teeth health
  • Calcium combined with vitamin D3 and vitamin K to maximize calcium fixation into the bones
Doppelherz Cardio vital
Doppelherz Doppelherz Cardio vital
  • High-strength antioxidant complex
  • Optimizes Homocysteine degredation
  • DEPOT time-release for a better assimilation
Doppelherz Energetic Tonic
Doppelherz Doppelherz Energetic Tonic
  • To maintain well-being and restore calmness in periods of stress
  • Helps keep a healthy heart function and a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Contains 17% ethanol
Doppelherz Eye Vital Capsules
Doppelherz Doppelherz Eye Vital Capsules
  • To preserve vision while aging
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin concentrate in the retina where they play an important role
  • Vitamin A helps maintain night vision
  • Extra vitamin C, zinc and vitamin E to neutralize free radicals that may damage retina cells
Doppelherz Eye Vital Plus
Doppelherz Doppelherz Eye Vital Plus
  • Helps maintain eyes and vision healthy
  • Rich in lutein, zeaxanthin and the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA
  • This formula supports tear-film constitution
Doppelherz For Joints
Doppelherz Doppelherz For Joints
  • To maintain cartilage structure and joint comfort
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin act synergistically to improve joint function
  • 1500 mg glucosamine and 200 mg chondroitin per dose
Doppelherz Garlic capsules with hawthorn
Doppelherz Doppelherz Garlic capsules with hawthorn
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Synergistic effect of garlic and hawthorn plant extracts
  • With enteric coating to avoid body odours
Doppelherz Haemo Vital
Doppelherz Doppelherz Haemo Vital
  • Iron-enriched formula
  • Supports blood formation
  • Food supplement
Doppelherz Immuno Vital
Doppelherz Doppelherz Immuno Vital
  • High-strength antioxidant complex
  • To boost immune function and cell defenses
  • DEPOT time-release for a better assimilation
Doppelherz KINDER Multivitamin Syrup (eng)
Doppelherz Doppelherz KINDER Multivitamin Syrup (eng)
  • An optimally-dosed and great-tasting multivitamin syrup for children
  • Contains the essential amino-acid L-Lysine
  • For children above the age of 3 years
Doppelherz Magnesium + Calcium + D3
Doppelherz Doppelherz Magnesium + Calcium + D3
  • Magnesium supplies energy to cells, it is especially needed by the heart muscle
  • Magnesium and Calcium are two essential minerals which are used by the body for activating and maintaining many biological processes. 
  • Vitamin D3 regulates the Calcium uptake into the bones.
Doppelherz Men Active
Doppelherz Doppelherz Men Active
  • Helps maintain a fulfilling intimate life
  • With Maca, Ginseng, Gotu Kola and Caffeine
  • Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin E support fertility and reproductive function
Doppelherz Men’s Health
Doppelherz Doppelherz Men’s Health
  • Reinforce a natural antioxidant and defense system that maintains men reproductive health
  • Contains pumpkin seeds which are know for their positive effects on the prostate tubes
  • Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin c support production of testosterone and spermatogenisis
Doppelherz Multivitamins A-ZINC
Doppelherz Doppelherz Multivitamins A-ZINC
  • For general health and well-being
  • From A to zinc: a broad-spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement
  • DEPOT time-release for a better assimilation
Doppelherz Omega-3
Doppelherz Doppelherz Omega-3
  • For a heart-healthy lifestyle
  • 280 mg EPA and 160 mg DHA per capsule
  • Additional vitamin E to protect omega-3 fatty acids from oxidation
Doppelherz Omega-3 Junior
Doppelherz Doppelherz Omega-3 Junior
  • The syrup rich in omega-3 fish, without fish taste
  • Omega-3 DHA fatty acid supports brain and cognitive development
  • Contains in addition to DHA 11 vitamins essential for the functioning of neurons and the nervous system
Doppelherz Ribosan
Doppelherz Doppelherz Ribosan
  • Fast relief from dry cough and sore throat
  • Natural antibacterial effect
  • Non-drowsy, alcohol-free
Doppelherz Urocalm
Doppelherz Doppelherz Urocalm
  • Helps maintain a healthy urinary tract for more comfort
  • Cranberry extract rich in proanthocyanidins
  • Dandelion extract to stimulate diuresis
Doppelherz Vital Pregna
Doppelherz Doppelherz Vital Pregna
  • Health and well-being of women trying for a baby, of pregnant and of lactating women
  • 12 vitamins, 5 minerals and the omega-3 fatty acid DHA
  • Folic acid for periconceptional folate supplementation
Doppelherz Vital Tonic
Doppelherz Doppelherz Vital Tonic
  • A blend of vitality for everyday use
  • Helps fight against fatigue and improves well-being
  • Sugar-free solution for oral use
Doppelherz Vitamins for Diabetics
Doppelherz Doppelherz Vitamins for Diabetics
  • Tailor-made multivitamin and mineral product for diabetics
  • Helps cover nutritional needs of diabetics
All Products

Doppelherz health products - the product range

Doppelherz is a brand with a very long tradition, which stands for the power of two hearts. The comprehensive range of products includes high-quality vitamins, minerals as well as special active ingredients.

At the same time, during the development of our products we think about ingredients and naturally also their combinations. Because enhanced health support is also often accompanied by the help of combined nutrients.  This is why current specialised literature is continually evaluated and modern formulations are developed in the scientific department at Queisser Pharma. A majority of our recent developments has developed into market leaders in many segments within a short time.

The newly developed dosage forms for our dietary supplements also have a high degree of acceptance among our consumers. The micro-pellets for fast and direct intake are a good example of this. The nutrients are contained in the form of fine pearl-shaped granules which can be applied directly to the tongue. So they are quickly and directly available to the body - ideal for consumption on the go or in case anyone has difficulties taking tablets. A careful selection of raw materials and the latest nutritional findings are the basic prerequisite of our work. You can be certain: Doppelherz products stand for trust and many years of health competence.