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We have the highest standard for the quality of our Queisser products. The promise of quality is on the one hand the guideline for our work, and on the other hand the guarantee for our customers that Queisser products provide a consistently positive contribution to health. All processes with regard to the development of a product are subject to the most stringent hygiene and quality controls. This starts with the selection of raw materials, extends through the individual production steps and ends with the completion of the final product.

Queisser Pharma scores with multiple certification

Our company is certified according to good manufacturing process (GMP) guidelines. As a result, we meet the quality assurance standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) for pharmaceutical production processes. GMP is part of our quality assurance at Queisser Pharma. In this way we ensure that our products are manufactured reproducibly and can be checked in accordance with appropriate quality standards. So we ensure that all products from our product range are also actually suitable for the intended health application purpose.

The quality of the source materials utilised is checked at the beginning of the entire production process. That is why we have the highest quality standard for our suppliers of all active ingredients. Our Queisser Pharma suppliers are certified accordingly and are reviewed at regular intervals.

Natural active ingredients

Many natural active ingredients are contained in our health products. The quality and careful handling of natural active ingredients is crucial for the production process of a pharmaceutical or dietary supplement. After all, they plan an important role in the positive effect on the human organism. 

To this day some of the plant extracts we utilise originate from collections of plants growing in the wild. For instance, hawthorn is still carefully collected by hand in the forests of Eastern Europe.

The cultivation of valerian, hops and other medicinal herbs also occurs under high quality standards. These standards include the precise control of soil quality, during which its pollutant and heavy metal content is measured. Of course, the use of pesticides is categorically prohibited. Another control pertains to the time of harvesting. An example: ginseng roots must grow for 5 years before harvesting can occur. If the roots are harvested prematurely, the root extract contains far less active ingredient.

Quality standards

Every batch delivered to Queisser Pharma is thoroughly examined locally in our own Queisser laboratory in Flensburg for its absence of pollutants and its purity. The examination of active ingredient contents must be performed before the raw material can go into Queisser production.

The same high quality standards also apply to the ingredients utilised in the production of tonics. Every year we fill over 4 million bottles of Doppelherz tonic at our Queisser factory in Flensburg. And we also pack and deliver over 500 million capsules and tablets.

For example, the inspection criteria for the production of tonics include the active ingredient and ethanol content, the density of liquid, the sugar content and the aroma. Of course, artificial flavour enhancers are not added. This can mean that the tonics can taste different, depending on regional variety of ingredients and climatic conditions during plant maturity. We hereby clearly prove that our tonics are subject to the rules of nature and less to chemistry.

The quality of all products is constant and verifiable by means of stipulated production parameters and comprehensive documentation of validated production processes utilised by Queisser. Like any pharmaceutical manufacturer, Queisser Pharma is regularly inspected by authorities to ensure that the production complies with German and EU-wide guidelines.